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Bohol - Philippines: More Than the Usual Tourist Spot

Bohol, a small island in central Philippines, is known for the world famous and unique Chocolate Hills. It is one of the country's most popular tourist spots. It's true though that when most people think of Bohol, almost nothing else comes to mind. It might surprise you that it is more than the usual tourist spot and that there's more to explore and to see in this island than those limestone hill formations. Bohol is home to pristine beach shores. Panglao Island, just minutes away from the capital Tagbilaran, is increasingly gaining more popularity among local and foreign tourists as a more laid-back and tranquil beach destination alternative to Boracay.
But if you're the kind who's not satisfied with having a few dips in the water and taking in spectacular beachfront views, Bohol will certainly not disappoint. Scuba divers have more than enough choices of world class diving spots surrounding the island. Colorful coral reefs and rich marine life will surely satisfy all types of explorers, from novice snorkelers to expert divers.
Another popular attraction is dolphin and whale watching. Pamilacan Island is headquarters to the best spotters that arrange these tours. Most were former hunters who joined the dolphin and whale watching program after the Philippine government banned the killing of these marine mammals.
Bohol's exotic wildlife is not limited underwater. The island's last remaining forests protect unique fauna. It is


Top 3 Destinations In The Philippines

The Philippines is an archipelago, having 7, 107 islands, and is abundant in nature, warm people, natural wonders, and filled with pleasant discoveries. Philippines is now considered as one of the top destination in the world, having 1.5 million foreign tourist arrivals for the first semester this year. With hundreds of destinations in the country, the top 3 on my list are the following:
1. Boracay
Boracay is located in the northwest corner of Panay Island that belongs to the Visayas island group of central Philippines in the Pacific. It is one of the country's most popular tourist destinations, and now, became an international destination too. The White Beach and Bulabog Beach are just the two primary tourism beaches, which are located on opposite sides of the island.
Aside from taking dip of the crystal blue water, you can also take a boat around the island, hire a motorbike or scooter to explore the place, or go horse back riding, and experience the native villages and sceneries that usual visitors don't do.
And, did I tell you that Boracay has one of the most beautiful sunsets? Well, you don't surely want to miss it. And, the fun doesn't end there yet, since Boracay nightlife is pulsating with so many bars and restaurants around that will give you fun until dawn.
2. Bohol
Located in the Central Visayas region, Bohol is the home of hospitable and warm people. Boholanos, as what the natives are called, are very proud of the natural wonders that are bestowed in the island. To name a few, it is the home of the famous Chocolate Hills! Imagine seeing no less than 1268 hills, that are uniform in shape


Go Dancing Each Day The Panglao Way...

SITTING at the foot of Bohol just a short sea-trip from Cebu, Panglao Island has already proved itself to be the new playground of the Philippines...and thousands (if not millions) of dollars of investment money is being poured in to develop the island.
Already it has twice helped Bohol to win the Tourist Destination of the Year contest in the Philippines and hopes to help a third time at the Manila trade exhibition this September when it showcases the beauty of its beaches.
There are even plans approved by President Gloria Arroyo to develop a domestic airport on the island to take over from Tagbilaran Airport, with the intention to upgrade it to international status at some time in the future, to make it easier for the island's thousands of visitors to reach the coral-white sandy shores which surround it on all sides.
There are resorts dotted all around the sandy shores of the island, which connects to mainland Bohol at Tagbilaran and Bool via two road bridges, and each resort is situated in its own grounds on the edge of a sapphire sea.
Already well-known by scuba divers for the diversity of its fish life in the off-islands of Pamilacan, Balicasag and Pungtod, which are easily reached from the main resort area of Alona Beach, the rest of the island is also developing with top-class resorts: Land has already been put aside for a new Tourism Estate.
The off-islands sport hammerhead sharks, some rays, massive schools of jackfish and barracudas, and there


Scuba Diving In The Philippines

To give it its full name, The Republic Of The Philippines is made up of over 7,000 separate islands, and covers an area of just over 300,000 square kilometres (115,000 square miles). Its population of 77 million people makes it one of the larger South East Asian countries, but recent political unrest, and sporadic outburst of militant activity have resulted in the tourist figures for the Philippines being lower than for many of their South East Asian neighbours. The main island groups in the Philippines are Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and the capital city is Manila, where over 10 million of the Philippino population live. Due to the size of the Philippines, the weather patterns are relatively diverse, however they can be roughly divided into the dry season, which runs from September through until May, and the wet season, which runs from June to September. The average temperature across the Philippines is 78 degrees F (25 degrees C) ranging up to 90 degrees F (32 degrees C) in the drier months.
Diving in the Philippines is possible at any point in the year, although it may be wise to avoid the monsoon months which run from July to September. When considering whether or not to go diving in the Philippines, the figures are very compelling. 34,000 square kilometres of coral reefs, and over 400 species of fish means the Philippines undoubtedly holds a great deal of potential for novice and expert divers alike. The unique


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Bohol hotels are among one of the prides of the province of Bohol. This island is located in the southeast province of Visayas in Cebu is Bohol Strait and southwest separated by the Camotes Sea and Leyte Canigao Channel.
In this province, which is one of the main tourist attractions can be found in the Philippines, Chocolate Hills. It is the county seal of Bohol. The grass will grow steadily over 1,200 conical hills makes them seem like a molded chocolate brown.
The second smallest creatures in the world are endemic to the place. Philippine tarsier is famous for its local name Maumag. These shy nocturnal creature follows a secret life. They are nocturnal and sleep during the day. They live in a refuge in Bohol, and it was time for tourists.
Bohol also has beautiful beaches, which is also blessed with the key attractions in the province. should be considered in conjunction with Chocolate Hills, tarsiers, and some historical sites, there is so much that read more tourists visiting the island of Bohol. Some very old churches on the island and has spectacular waterfalls and other historical sites as well.
The island is located southwest of Tagbilaran City, Panglao is famous for its dive sites, and periodically one of the top ten dive sites in the world. On the islands around the island are ideal for swimming. Islands via GAK-ang Pontod and there are only two known.



Holidays in the Philippines is something that nobody will ever forget. This tropical island is composed of 7,107 islands on the west side of the Pacific Ocean. With close to gross domestic product or GDP of over U.S. $ 168.6 billion, the economy is the 47th largest in the world is watching. The country is known as a member of the East Asia Summit (EAS), the Latin Union, the group is 24, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the Non-Aligned Movement.

Divided, but consist of a
Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, and divided into 17 regions and 80 provinces: This tropical island is divided into three groups. The country has a total of 120 Metropolis, 1511 urban and 42,008 barangays. In addition, the acquisition of the islands of Sabah or North Borneo.
Manila, Luzon is the capital of the country. It is also the second largest city in Quezon City. Some of the mountainous islands are covered with tropical forest, while some are of volcanic origin. The country is also rich in volcanoes and found in various parts of the country and connect them or Mount Mayon volcano Mayon Volcano, Mount Pinatubo and Taal Volcano.
Other things that the country achieved or are well known in the world Cagayan River, the longest river in Luzon and Manila Bay, Laguna de Bay is connected by the Pasig. He Subic Bay on the Gulf of Davao and the Moro Gulf. Building beautiful San Juanico Bridge connecting Leyte and Samar islands stretching from San Juanico Strait. The country has rich natural resources, minerals and fertile soils. It also has other plants and animals.
Cities of the Philippines


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Chocolate Hills Marvelous Attraction Which You Can't Afford To Miss

The Chocolate Hills is situated in the most picturesque and marvelous settings of Bohol area of Philippines. It is one of the most famous and sought after tourist destinations.The conical shaped mounds are rolling terrain of haycock hills and are made up of limestone fully covered with grass.The height of the mounds varies from 30 meters to 50 meters with the tallest one of 120 meters.If you are watching for the first time then you would not believe the fact that these are not man made.There are about 1776 hills in number.These hills are known as Chocolate Hills as during dry season the grass turns chocolate brown making it a bit difficult to understand the name during the times when the mounds are green.
This marvelous site is included in the list of Philippine Tourism Authority and marked the place as the third National Geological Monument of the nation.The Chocolate hills region contains conical karst hills which are known as mogote, this is due to the result of combination of surface water, groundwater and dissolution of limestone by rainfall.They further eroded by the rivers and streams when they are uplifted above sea level.Legend has it that the formation of the hills is due to the fight between two giants which lasted for number of days.But after they got exhausted they became friends and left behind their mess which is today's Chocolate Hills, but this is just a legend.
Bohol, Philippines is a wonderful place which is full packed with some of the best attractions that like an open


5 Attractions You Must See While Visiting Bohol, Philippines


There are many things to see and do while you are visiting the island of Bohol, Philippines, but these five attractions are a must-do on your first trip.
1.The Chocolate Hills There are more than 1,268 cone-shaped hills - a very strange geological formation that has baffled geologists for years. These hills are spread over an area of 50 square kilometers and vary in size from 30 meters to 120 meters in height. These cone-shaped hills spread out on a natural open plateau looking like mystic mounds. This is something you've got to see to believe!
2.The Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary is an approximately 134-hectare land that has been set aside as a protected area for the Philippine Tarsier. Tarsiers are the world's smallest monkeys and only weigh about 113 to 142 grams. They have big eyes and can rotate their heads almost 180 degrees. Sometimes the guides will let you touch these little creatures. This is really an experience you don't want to miss!
3.Dolphin and Whale Watching The sea around Pamilacan Island is frequented by whales and dolphins. The island is considered a jump off to an area where at least seven species of marine mammals like sperm


Visit The Best Vacation Spots In The Philippines

Explore Philippines and discover Filipino culture and history as seen in their century old churches and museums. Its bountiful natural resources and beauty pictured in its long stretch white beaches and virgin forest. It is no wonder why it is consider the best tourist destination in Asia today. With its beautiful white beaches and world class beachfront resorts which offers tourist the best accommodation ever. Here are some of the featured destinations of the country worth a visit.
  1. Alona Beach Panglao Island is just a few minutes ride from Tagbilaran city of Bohol. Panglao Island is one of the pride of Bohol and prime tourist destination. Aside form its beautiful beaches, they are known to have the best diving sites worldwide. You will have lots of choices with the different hotels and resort in the area. In fact a new addition is the ongoing development of a 16 hectare Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa which will cater to rich Filipino tourist and tourist from other countries.
  2. Donsol Known as the Whale Shark Capital, Donsol is a coastal village situated in the northwestern tip of Sorsogon province. This town is being eyed as first class metropolis due to the millions of tourist both from local communities and foreign countries. It is indeed earning a lot of revenues from its tourism industry.
  3. Boracay Boracay is now an epitome of the most developed island full of outdoor activities and an exciting nightlife. A long, long way when tourist has not discovered it yet but then despite of all the developments it has, Man has preserve its natural beauty. During the day, one can go swimming, island hopping and explore caves and at sunset most people take the time to seat outside with a drink in hand and just watch the magnificent view of the sunset. Night time means partying and for party people its


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Philippines and It's Hidden Treasures

For a country that has so much to offer, there is no doubt as to why a lot of people come in and out of the place. This is what's behind the Philippines. An archipelago as it is called, Philippines is home to 7, 107 islands. The culture and heritage is well preserved and you will notice this when you come across the provinces of the place.
The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia and is the only Christian country in this side of the world. The country is divided into three main large islands: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Each island is made up of provinces and regions that all give out a burst of beauty and amaze you with what it has so much to offer.
The natural beauty of the country is one thing to take note of. Philippines is very popular for white sand beaches, clear blue waters and its tropical climate.
Coming here, you will surely land first in Manila, the country's capital. This place is home to so much history because this is where a lot of trading happened back to the time of the country's forefathers. Today, Manila is a fast-paced city with busy streets, large malls, hundreds of business establishments and full of working people. If you wish to come to the Philippines to enjoy the modern life the Filipino way then Manila is just the place for you. The night life scene here is yet to be seen and the hotels are definitely going to give you the pampering you are looking for.
If the eye-cathcing beaches are what you are after then take note of the beaches that are in Cebu, Bohol and Palawan. These places have the best beaches with pure white shores and upscale resorts that can accommodate you. Boracay is one very popular beach in the country but because it has been very much commercialized, the place may get to crowded on peak seasons. You may always go for a more remote beach that is exclusively set in an island so guests are the only ones that get the privilege of enjoying the place and this is what Amanpulo wishes to give you. It is one place that is truly paradise and is known to be a


The Philippine Paradise

In terms of natural resources, The Philippines is one of the richest countries. It is an island nation with about 7,100 islands and has a tropical environment that tourists would love. You can enjoy the great views as you relax and just escape the hustle and bustle of the city life. This country has some of the world's best tourist destinations that are rather spectacular even for the locals. Enjoying the different destinations in the Philippines is easy and may be due to the fact that English is considered to be the second tongue. Considering that the country has over 180 languages, many people do speak English, even in the rural areas. Some foreigners may wonder why this is so. It's actually because Americans were the country's last conquerors. The country also has strong ties with English-speaking countries. When you tour the country, you will find your vacation more enjoyable because it's easy to understand why things are the way they are. It's also easy to understand the Filipino culture because they will know how to converse to you.
If you're planning to spend a holiday in this tropical haven, it would be great to know a little about it. the Philippines is an archipelago where islands are united by seas and divided by mountains. Geographically speaking, since the country is a composition of many different islands, people tend to share their sub-cultures to each other and everything will still be united as the larger Filipino culture that all regions will be known for. Because of this geographical nature of the country, Filipinos can be so diverse yet one in a unique way.
The Philippines is one of Asia's best tourist destinations. There are many spectacular views that any tourist can


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Philippines Admirable Beauty by sandy

The name comes from the Philippines, which King Philip II. Spanish explorer Ruy López de Villalobos on his expedition in 1542 named the islands of Leyte and Samar Felipinas after then Prince of Asturias, Spain. Eventually the name Las Islas Filipinas should be used to cover all the islands. Before it was a day of work, other names such as the Balearic islands in the west of the West and the name of Magellan islands of San Lazaro also used to refer to the Spanish islands.
The official name of the Philippines has changed several times during the country history. In the Philippine Revolution, Congress proclaimed the Malolos Republic in the Philippines and the Philippines. In the period of the Spanish-American War and Philippine-American War until the Commonwealth period, the colonial American countries, known as the Philippine Islands, a Spanish translation of the name. During the American stage name Philippines began to appear, and since then has become the common name of the country. The official name is now the Republic of the Philippines.
Philippines is the country which reflects the rich tradition and diverse civilization. It is blessed with beauty and nature that provides a lot of attraction places that are very much different from any other. This country comprises of about 7100 islands and seems colorful each day. Philippines is situated in the heart of Asia and can be visited easily from any part of the world. It has a tropical climate and the ideal month to visit



Bohol is one of the best destinations in the Philippines. If you're planning a vacation and have trouble finding a place that suits your needs, see the list of top resorts and hotels located on the island.
Flushing Meadows Resort and Playground - Enjoy pristine white beaches and tranquil setting for an exclusive tropical island getaway. Go swimming, diving, playing tennis, or bask on the private balconies overlooking the Mindanao Sea.
Bohol Beach Club - This sea side refuge provides world class facilities for beach lovers and diving enthusiasts. It is only Panglao island's first class resort.
Amarela Resort - Resting on top of a mountain, this Mediterranean-style villa displays a magnificent view of the Bohol Sea. This premium boutique resort boasts of its collection of artworks and antique furniture that is distinctly Bohol.
Lost Horizon Resort - In the crystal clear waters, unspoiled white beaches and magnificent gardens, a stay in the city compared to a trip in the past. Explore the mysterious island or just relax on their balconies to the sea side.
Olman's View Resort - Uniquely situated on a plateau overlooking Tagbilaran Port, it is only a short distance from town, beach, Loboc River and the historic Baclayon Church. The perfect place to stay for Bohol's main attractions.
Sunset Grande Resort - In the northwestern tip of Panglao Island lies a tropical paradise surrounded by mangrove forests and tall palms. This quiet paradise may even be more comfortable than your own home.
Bohol Diver's Resort -  This fun-filled resort to its hospitable staff and crew will never run out of fun


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Make The Most of Your Bohol Holiday by Janice Pelayo

Planning a vacation in Bohol, Philippines that maximizes your time and shared experiences with your loved ones can be tricky. We often get overwhelmed by the things we want to do or see while at the planned holiday destination that sometimes, if not organized carefully, we end up with a lackluster vacation that leaves us feeling short-changed instead of content with our time off from our busy lives. Thankfully, Bohol resorts and hotels often offer some appealing accommodation packages that already plan out your vacation for you.
One of these is Amorita Resort in Bohol. This resort in Panglao Island is currently offering three new packages that make your holiday woes easier to cope with. Each one promises a unique experience depending on your preferred activities during your stay. All can be availed when making reservations at any of the resort's available villas until December 31, 2010, with its rates already inclusive of VAT and local government taxes.
The Slumber Package is aimed at those who prefer an intimate and rejuvenating vacation. It entitles you to three days and two nights' accommodation, complimentary daily buffet breakfast and bottled mineral water in your room, a one time one-hour full body massage, nightly turn-down service, round-trip airport or seaport transfers from Tagbilaran to the resort and back, and a welcome drink and treat upon your arrival.
The Bohol Tourrific Package 2010 targets the adventurous tourist, offering accommodation for three days and two nights, a countryside tour, complimentary daily buffet breakfast, a one time one-hour full body massage, round-trip airport or seaport transfers from Tagbilaran to the resort and back, and a welcome drink when you arrive at the resort. The countryside tour will include fascinating local attractions such as the


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Bohol has a large number of hotels, resorts, and other facilities for tourists. Most of these are concentrated in Tagbilaran and around Alona Beach, with a few more scattered around the island. To help you make your choice we have listed most hotels here, with some short personal comments. We often get requests for the cheapest resorts or places to stay. This, however, is an question we will answer, as it makes little sense. I think it is better to go for the best value for money, within your budget, and considering your wishes. There are expensive hotels that are worth every centavo and cheap hotels that offer great value for money, but you can also find really bad places in every price-range. The purpose of this site is to help you find a place that matches your budget and expectations. As a general rule, if you want to stay directly on the beach, you pay


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