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Chocolate Hills Marvelous Attraction Which You Can't Afford To Miss

The Chocolate Hills is situated in the most picturesque and marvelous settings of Bohol area of Philippines. It is one of the most famous and sought after tourist destinations.The conical shaped mounds are rolling terrain of haycock hills and are made up of limestone fully covered with grass.The height of the mounds varies from 30 meters to 50 meters with the tallest one of 120 meters.If you are watching for the first time then you would not believe the fact that these are not man made.There are about 1776 hills in number.These hills are known as Chocolate Hills as during dry season the grass turns chocolate brown making it a bit difficult to understand the name during the times when the mounds are green.
This marvelous site is included in the list of Philippine Tourism Authority and marked the place as the third National Geological Monument of the nation.The Chocolate hills region contains conical karst hills which are known as mogote, this is due to the result of combination of surface water, groundwater and dissolution of limestone by rainfall.They further eroded by the rivers and streams when they are uplifted above sea level.Legend has it that the formation of the hills is due to the fight between two giants which lasted for number of days.But after they got exhausted they became friends and left behind their mess which is today's Chocolate Hills, but this is just a legend.
Bohol, Philippines is a wonderful place which is full packed with some of the best attractions that like an open


5 Attractions You Must See While Visiting Bohol, Philippines


There are many things to see and do while you are visiting the island of Bohol, Philippines, but these five attractions are a must-do on your first trip.
1.The Chocolate Hills There are more than 1,268 cone-shaped hills - a very strange geological formation that has baffled geologists for years. These hills are spread over an area of 50 square kilometers and vary in size from 30 meters to 120 meters in height. These cone-shaped hills spread out on a natural open plateau looking like mystic mounds. This is something you've got to see to believe!
2.The Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary is an approximately 134-hectare land that has been set aside as a protected area for the Philippine Tarsier. Tarsiers are the world's smallest monkeys and only weigh about 113 to 142 grams. They have big eyes and can rotate their heads almost 180 degrees. Sometimes the guides will let you touch these little creatures. This is really an experience you don't want to miss!
3.Dolphin and Whale Watching The sea around Pamilacan Island is frequented by whales and dolphins. The island is considered a jump off to an area where at least seven species of marine mammals like sperm


Visit The Best Vacation Spots In The Philippines

Explore Philippines and discover Filipino culture and history as seen in their century old churches and museums. Its bountiful natural resources and beauty pictured in its long stretch white beaches and virgin forest. It is no wonder why it is consider the best tourist destination in Asia today. With its beautiful white beaches and world class beachfront resorts which offers tourist the best accommodation ever. Here are some of the featured destinations of the country worth a visit.
  1. Alona Beach Panglao Island is just a few minutes ride from Tagbilaran city of Bohol. Panglao Island is one of the pride of Bohol and prime tourist destination. Aside form its beautiful beaches, they are known to have the best diving sites worldwide. You will have lots of choices with the different hotels and resort in the area. In fact a new addition is the ongoing development of a 16 hectare Eskaya Beach Resort & Spa which will cater to rich Filipino tourist and tourist from other countries.
  2. Donsol Known as the Whale Shark Capital, Donsol is a coastal village situated in the northwestern tip of Sorsogon province. This town is being eyed as first class metropolis due to the millions of tourist both from local communities and foreign countries. It is indeed earning a lot of revenues from its tourism industry.
  3. Boracay Boracay is now an epitome of the most developed island full of outdoor activities and an exciting nightlife. A long, long way when tourist has not discovered it yet but then despite of all the developments it has, Man has preserve its natural beauty. During the day, one can go swimming, island hopping and explore caves and at sunset most people take the time to seat outside with a drink in hand and just watch the magnificent view of the sunset. Night time means partying and for party people its


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