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Bohol hotels are among one of the prides of the province of Bohol. This island is located in the southeast province of Visayas in Cebu is Bohol Strait and southwest separated by the Camotes Sea and Leyte Canigao Channel.
In this province, which is one of the main tourist attractions can be found in the Philippines, Chocolate Hills. It is the county seal of Bohol. The grass will grow steadily over 1,200 conical hills makes them seem like a molded chocolate brown.
The second smallest creatures in the world are endemic to the place. Philippine tarsier is famous for its local name Maumag. These shy nocturnal creature follows a secret life. They are nocturnal and sleep during the day. They live in a refuge in Bohol, and it was time for tourists.
Bohol also has beautiful beaches, which is also blessed with the key attractions in the province. should be considered in conjunction with Chocolate Hills, tarsiers, and some historical sites, there is so much that read more tourists visiting the island of Bohol. Some very old churches on the island and has spectacular waterfalls and other historical sites as well.
The island is located southwest of Tagbilaran City, Panglao is famous for its dive sites, and periodically one of the top ten dive sites in the world. On the islands around the island are ideal for swimming. Islands via GAK-ang Pontod and there are only two known.



Holidays in the Philippines is something that nobody will ever forget. This tropical island is composed of 7,107 islands on the west side of the Pacific Ocean. With close to gross domestic product or GDP of over U.S. $ 168.6 billion, the economy is the 47th largest in the world is watching. The country is known as a member of the East Asia Summit (EAS), the Latin Union, the group is 24, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the Non-Aligned Movement.

Divided, but consist of a
Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, and divided into 17 regions and 80 provinces: This tropical island is divided into three groups. The country has a total of 120 Metropolis, 1511 urban and 42,008 barangays. In addition, the acquisition of the islands of Sabah or North Borneo.
Manila, Luzon is the capital of the country. It is also the second largest city in Quezon City. Some of the mountainous islands are covered with tropical forest, while some are of volcanic origin. The country is also rich in volcanoes and found in various parts of the country and connect them or Mount Mayon volcano Mayon Volcano, Mount Pinatubo and Taal Volcano.
Other things that the country achieved or are well known in the world Cagayan River, the longest river in Luzon and Manila Bay, Laguna de Bay is connected by the Pasig. He Subic Bay on the Gulf of Davao and the Moro Gulf. Building beautiful San Juanico Bridge connecting Leyte and Samar islands stretching from San Juanico Strait. The country has rich natural resources, minerals and fertile soils. It also has other plants and animals.
Cities of the Philippines


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