Friday, October 15, 2010

Philippines and It's Hidden Treasures

For a country that has so much to offer, there is no doubt as to why a lot of people come in and out of the place. This is what's behind the Philippines. An archipelago as it is called, Philippines is home to 7, 107 islands. The culture and heritage is well preserved and you will notice this when you come across the provinces of the place.
The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia and is the only Christian country in this side of the world. The country is divided into three main large islands: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Each island is made up of provinces and regions that all give out a burst of beauty and amaze you with what it has so much to offer.
The natural beauty of the country is one thing to take note of. Philippines is very popular for white sand beaches, clear blue waters and its tropical climate.
Coming here, you will surely land first in Manila, the country's capital. This place is home to so much history because this is where a lot of trading happened back to the time of the country's forefathers. Today, Manila is a fast-paced city with busy streets, large malls, hundreds of business establishments and full of working people. If you wish to come to the Philippines to enjoy the modern life the Filipino way then Manila is just the place for you. The night life scene here is yet to be seen and the hotels are definitely going to give you the pampering you are looking for.
If the eye-cathcing beaches are what you are after then take note of the beaches that are in Cebu, Bohol and Palawan. These places have the best beaches with pure white shores and upscale resorts that can accommodate you. Boracay is one very popular beach in the country but because it has been very much commercialized, the place may get to crowded on peak seasons. You may always go for a more remote beach that is exclusively set in an island so guests are the only ones that get the privilege of enjoying the place and this is what Amanpulo wishes to give you. It is one place that is truly paradise and is known to be a
popular place among celebrities both local and international. It may get too pricey but it is definitely worth it.
If knowing the Philippines even more is what you are here for then go see the museums that are located in the place. One great and exciting way of knowing the country deeper is joining the festivities that the country celebrates across the place. The Ati-atihan festival of Kalibo, Aklan is the Filipino version of the Mardi Gra. The celebration is filled with street dancers wearing colourful masks and dancing to the catchy beat of the ethnic drums. Street parades and parties are also part of this very much awaited celebration and don't get surprised when you are also dancing in the streets with the other locals and tourists.
These are just a few of the hidden treasures that the Philippines is hiding. Come and spend your Philippines Holidays here and let the country unfold its beauty right before you.
by Maria Nicole Dy


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